Monday, January 30, 2006

Why all Myspacers should be shot

Top Ten Reasons I Hate MySpace

10. Anybody can make themselves tough on the internet
9. It's a cheap way to advertise
8. Some people have 600 friends, who are you kidding, nobody likes you that much
7. You only meet fake people, their is no real human interaction
6. All the 20 year old single women are either obese or actually 40 year old married men
5. If your so cool and you have 400 true friends, why do you stare at your computer all day long
4. Lets be honest, how are you going to get some from a computer screen
3. Are you afraid of real people?
2. Stupid superstitious posts and banners
1. People Who try to meet members of the opposite sex on-line are either geeks or pedaphiles

For those of you that think i'm just jealous of all your Myspace friends, your wrong. I have all the friends I can handle and have no room for any fake, internet relationships. But go ahead and keep thinking that all the beautiful people are just sitting in their basements waiting for your friend request

The Devil


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