Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Darkness Podcast

My podcast Short and Sweet. It's about The Darkness' new album "One Way Ticket To Hell and Back". I chose this because the Devil likes 80's music even if it's not hardcore. He especially likes track number 4. Even the devil has a soft side, a side that likes sixteen candlesish teen angst 80's rock! Deal with it! I wasn't afraid to pay the five dollars so my podcast can be found by clicking this link

The Devils Podcast

The Devil

Thursday, March 09, 2006

My Maps

The button to my maps is in my sidebar below my tagcloud. I listed My home in Farmington, The home of the Happy Boys AKA Sigma Chi, and also a place I wish I was right now but instead i'm in frigid Logan. I know they don't exactly fit the theme of my blog but I didn't know the Address to Hell (for all of you who just muttered 666 dummy, your not funny and should probably go check your myspace inbox for more pedaphile friend requests)

The Devil


My tagcloud is on the sidebar under my list of posts. It's mainly computer and other tech RSS feeds but the next one will be more entertaining.

Poker Podcast

Podcast are great, they give a voice to people who don't know shit! However, i think thats a good thing, because I don't know shit either. Anyway, I followed MySportsRadio poker podcast, and the great thing about this podcast is that the speaker freely admits that he has no experience whatsover but does enjoy the game. Also, it cracks me up hearing the bad beats section of the cast because it's always funny to hear about bad things happening to people that aren't you. Anyway, I highly recommend subscribing to a podcast and just relaxing. Podcasts are the new trendy magazine that all the cool people read, and you would never admit that you weren't cool. Would You?

The Devil